viernes, 14 de octubre de 2011


Living in Puerto Rico, 
we have the privileged of learning two languages. 
I didn't find a moral value with the letter K 
in not bless you with kindness!
The act or the state of being kind,
 marked by goodness and charitable behavior, 
mild disposition, pleasantness, tenderness 
and concern for others. 
It is known as a virtue, 
and recognized as a value 
in many cultures and religions.

But after that the kindness 
and love of God our Saviour 
toward man appeared, 
Not by works of righteousness 
which we have done, 
but according to his mercy he saved us, 
by the washing of regeneration, 
and renewing of the Holy Ghost; 
Which he shed on us abundantly 
through Jesus Christ our Saviour;  


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